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The Conference Centre

As part of the wide range of our services on offer there are also our conference and assembly rooms adapted for organisation of smaller as well as larger events. As in the restaurant, in these areas we guarantee services of a high professional standard.

The Red Salon – The Red Salon is to be found in the oldest part of the building with its original vaulted ceilings and thick stone walls. This original space is a universal room, built in the style of a wine cellar, ideal for holding social events, for example banquets, company or private receptions, private or wedding celebrations and parties. But it is also possible to organise seminars, training sessions, meetings, presentations of products, lectures and similar events here. The capacity of the room is up to 70 if seating is required or up to 100 people if not the case. The salon is visually divided into three parts, the entrance, the main seating area and a gallery. There is a direct connection to an indoor terrace (Atrium), which can also to be used as a private sitting area as well as for the holding of social events accompanied by grills, barbecues and outdoor games (for example pétanque, croquet, and similar, the equipment for which is available at the hotel).

Conference Hall – The conference hall is an area specifically designated for the organisation of smaller gatherings, conferences, company training sessions, lectures or seminars. Such events are made possible through the installation of modern conference equipment (data projector, portable projection screen, spatial sound system, etc.). The area, being without partitioning, allows a capacity of up to 80 listeners. In this hall small celebrations can also be held, as well as meetings, product presentations, and events of a similar nature.

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